How it works

pingtree Technology and You

It’s important that you understand how works prior to applying for a loan. Please read this page in full as well as the terms and conditions prior to completing your application. Gears_Infographics
    • The pingtree technology we use is well-established and well-tested now, and it works on a very simple principle, but does so very well.
    • There are three steps involved. We need you for the first one – we need you to fill out our form and submit it. There’s nothing on that form that should cause any difficulty doing this; we just need to know a little about your circumstances first.
    • From there, pingtree technology generates a ‘tree’ of lenders which are likely to suit your situation and which are ranked according to which of these lenders is likely to offer the lowest rate amongst other factors.In the third step, we ‘ping’ your application across to each of the lenders in the tree in turn, where they perform their own calculations and make their decision. We start with the lender with the lowest rate, the top of your tree, and we’ll only move on to the next if the answer that comes back is a no.
    • Once you’re accepted, we’ll take you straight to that lender so you can review the deal, verify that it’s what you need, and sign up immediately. We take out all of the hassle and speed up the process.